Finding the Right Agent for Selling Your Home Quickly

Having bought and sold many family residences of my own, I understand what selling a home is like, not only from a professional position but from a personal one. Selling your home comes with a lot of emotion: sentimentality and excitement about the next move, but also stress, the desire to have the selling process proceed quickly and anxiety about getting a fair price for your property. A home is one of the largest financial and emotional investments people make, so supporting clients in all aspects of the process is a principal element of my real estate approach and something every homeowner should expect from their real estate professional. Here are a few questions to ask a potential agent to ensure your needs will be met and what they can do to ensure a quick sale at the best price.

  1. Are you a member of a professional real estate association? Specifically, in Mexico, is your agent a member of AMPI? Knowing that your agent is certified and adheres to a professional code of conduct and ethics is the first building block of trust.
  2. Tell me about how we will communicate? If you are selling a home in Puerto Vallarta but living out of the country, what is your agent’s communication strategy and how will your agent dedicate the time to truly understand your needs throughout the selling process?
  3. How well do you know the market of my specific neighborhood and how will you arrive at a listing price? Your agent should also be able to advise you if there are changes you can make to your home that will increase the value and appeal on the market, to help your selling process.
  4. Who will you be working with to sell my home? Does your agent have a strong network of other professional contacts, a solid agency with in-house legal counsel, reliable notaries? All these factors help sell your home quickly and keep closing costs to a minimum.
  5. How will you market my home? Social and print media, MLS listings, professional networking and established relationships with other agencies all need to be part of the marketing plan, but your agent should be able to identify specific strategies that will be most beneficial in selling your home.

But perhaps the most important thing in selling your home quickly is also the most intangible element – do you feel trust and rapport with your agent? With effective communication, an agent that has taken the time to understand and support your needs, and the faith that your agent will always put your best interests above all else, you are well-positioned to sell your house as quickly as possible while maximizing the return on your investment.

Warren Brander is an expert real estate agent with The Agency in Puerto Vallarta. If you are thinking about buying or selling an investment property in Puerto Vallarta or the Banderas Bay area, contact him at (322) 200-2253 or

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