Is Life Happier in Mexico

Happiness, of course, is a major life goal for everyone, but will move to Mexico make you happier? According to the Happy Planet Index, it will. In fact, Happy Planet ranks Mexico as the 2nd Happiest Country in the World.

The index uses a variety of data from sources including the United Nations, the Global Footprint Network and the Gallup World Poll, to measure how nations are doing at achieving long, happy and sustainable lives for their people, using four main markers: wellbeing, life expectancy, inequality of outcomes and ecological footprint.

So where is Mexico getting all this happiness? Some key factors cited by the Happy Planet Index include:

  • Heath care – specifically the universal medical care and active steps from the government to better the overall health of the country through changes such as the 2014 soft drink tax.
  • Protecting natural resources – positive change in the country to legislate long-term climate targets and steps to conserve forests and protect biodiversity.
  • Life expectancy – 76.4 years on average.

So, will moving to Mexico make you happy? If you consider the index didn’t even mention some of the happiest things Puerto Vallarta has to offer – great climate, beautiful beaches, friendly people, close-knit communities, affordable cost of living, tacos – it seems quite likely that the answer to that question will be yes.

You can see the Happy Planet Index for Mexico and 139 other countries at

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