Exploring Puerto Vallarta Areas – South Shore

This month we’d like to take you on a tour of the areas south of Zona Romantica, the bustling hub of Puerto Vallarta.  The southern part of Vallarta is collectively known as the South Shore. 

As we leave Zona Romantica, or Old Town, as it is often called, the first cluster of communities we come to are Amapas, Upper Conchas Chinas and Lower Conchas Chinas.  This area is often referred to as the Beverly Hills of Puerto Vallarta.  As you travel through the winding roads the lead to expansive hillside vistas it all becomes clear.  Amapas and Conchas Chinas are home to condos and villas that span from chic luxury to quaint and traditional.

It is a quiet, laid back area, yet depending on where you are, just a five to ten minute walk to into the heart of Zona Romantica.

Travelling further south out of Conchas Chinas we come to the many beachfront properties of the South Shore, and the pristine beaches for which it has become both sought after and famous.  Beginning south of Conchas Chinas Beach you will find the beaches of Estacas, Los Venados, Punta Negra, Palmares, Garza Blanca and Gemelas.  All of these are spend a day worthy, and more!

The southern point of the South Shore is Mismaloya, a quaint ¨fishing village¨, 20 minutes drive south of Zona Romantica.  Within its jungle backdrop, Mismaloya is home to magnificent villas and condos, with stunning ocean views, and very well priced.

Enjoy lunch in your bare feet at one of the family run restaurants on the beach.  Take a panga from the beach to one of the water access only beaches, 10 minutes away, and spend the day.  The newest beach club in Los Animas is called Anima.  After a recent weekend trip, I would say it deserves to be called The Four Seasons beach club of Banderas Bay.  Excellent food, service and comes with your own waiter and service staff, your own day bed with umbrellas all at no extra cost.

There are many get back to nature activities in the tropical paradise of Mismaloya.  Ziplining and Vallarta Botanical Gardens (amazing) are both close by.

So if the South Shore sounds like it could be the place for you, give us a call and let’s go exploring together.

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